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Paving stones splitting machines

HSM 200x280

the fastest stone splitter in the world

another modification: HSM 300x280

This splitter is intended for production of paving stones, mosaic stones and veneer. It is regarded by our clients as the best quality splitter on the world market. It was developed in cooperation with various stone processing operations. Thanks to a high quality aggregate that was especially constructed to split stone, this splitter has a unique performance characteristic. The optimum ratio of splitting force and speed gives this splitter unrivalled performance. This splitter has been designed to split hard rocks, so it is suitable for all splittable rocks.

To achieve a long service life and maintain long-term performance this splitter is equipped by an oil-air cooling unit and a heating element as a standard. Both these devices are regulated by a thermostat.

The splitter is ready to be placed into a paving stone production line together with other machines.

Advantages of paving stone splitter
  • Massive construction
  • Hydraulic aggregate especially constructed for stone splitting field
  • Oil-air cooling unit to extend hydraulic aggregate service life (regulated by a thermostat)
  • Heating element - to extend service life of the hydraulic aggregate (regulated by a thermostat)
  • Working table from abrasion resistant material
  • Easy maintenance
  • The frame has an integrated dust exhaust pipe ready to be connected to a customer's exhaust system
  • Oil filter pollution indicator
  • Electrical system equipped by service hour counter
  • Low power consumption of the main machine electric motor (5.5 kW only)
  • Upper splitting tool equipped by leveling knife system
  • Adjustable level of tool back lift
  • Optional spare set of knives with different blade shape and angle for splitting cut stone slabs
  • The machine meets requirements of European Union standards
  • Manufacturer's installation is not necessary - easy installation and commissioning
  • Spare parts are continuously available at the Manufacturer's warehouse, and are supplied for 20 years from the machine commissioning
  • Possibility to achieve productivity even more than 10 tons of 9/11 paving stones per 8 hour shift
  • Fast manufacturer's service
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