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Layered stone splitting machines

Layered rocks that occur in nature can also be used for construction purposes or landscaping. However, they can be split under certain conditions only. It is not possible to split them successfully in thicknesses from about 100mm and up. The layers peel and spring off at knives, and the split plane is usually convex-concave, which causes a large percentage of waste. 

In order to minimize this problem our production program included a splitter that splits in a horizontal direction. The splitter allows splitting the layered stones to thicknesses that can be further split across layers. Large split slabs are sold mainly for landscaping. For construction purposes, especially paving, the stones are needed for base walls and for paving stones that are usually further processed to gain patina.

The splitter can horizontally split stones to the width of 1000mm and height of 800mm. The split slabs are the divided in the vertical direction on other splitters.

A special property of these layered stones is that some of them can be split vertically, across layers, but only in large thicknesses on block splitters, for example, from 500mm up. This is exploited during preparation of stone for splitting in cases, when the quarry mines stones in blocks. Consequently smaller pieces are divided on this horizontal splitter.



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