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Large stone block splitting machines

The largest and the most powerful splitters 
of this kind in the world

It is advantageous to use this splitter for division of large blocks of natural stone, like sandstone, limestone, marble, granite, gabbro, diorite, etc. (all cleavable stones). These splitters are manufactured in different sizes according to dimensions of customer's input stones up to the maximum splitting width of 2000 mm and height of 1200 mm. According to the size and type of stone these splitters could be equipped with hydraulic aggregates with e.g. 360t, 440t, 640t, 800t and 1200t splitting power.

These big blocks splitting machines can work separately with stone

manipulation performed by a wheel loader or they can be inserted in a

production line between conveyors and in front of other smaller splitters. Separate splitters are usually located on a free space in a quarry and they are attended directly by a loader, while splitting is controlled by radio signal from the loader operator cabin. The driver operates the splitting machine by a remote control. Such operation increases productivity and effectivity of splitting of large stone blocks.

Other large block splitters located in SLP production lines are located indoor or outdoor in combination

with conveyors, manipulators and smaller splitters according to individual projects.

More about SLP production lines you can find here.

Examples of the splitting machine placement:
Placement of the splitter separately in a quarry 

The splitter with conveyors and manipulators for placing in a production line



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