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SLG production lines

The most powerful building and paving stones production lines in the world

The SLG production line and its various modifications represent the most sought types of production lines. These lines process raw material with the input dimensions of up to 450x550x to 3000 mm. Output products then can be construction stones of various sizes and all sizes of paving stones. It is up to customers, what products they want to focus on.

Input raw material is loaded by a fork wheel loader at the beginning of production line. Products for processing on a SLG production line are sorted to steel containers or big-bags (or palletized), and then they are transported by a wheel loader to be stored. Depending on customer's wishes the products can be directly sorted using conveyors leading to individual depots. As standard conveyors are located under the production line that collect stone waste during production and move it out of the production line area, from where it can be moved for further processing.

As standard we provide consultations, in order to implement requirements of our customers into offered solutions, and at the same time provide the customers a maximum performance and utilization of supplied equipment. In order to minimize costs and increase profit and return on investment, we consult work organization, raw material handling and other related matters with our customers.

As standard the SLG line, beyond various conveyors, uses the following splitters:
  • Building stone splitter (1)
  • Paving stone splitter (2-6)

In our solutions we do not limit ourselves to machine arrangement that were produced earlier, so please understand that the following arrangement proposals are informative only. Your production solution may be different. Each our customer has unique conditions; therefore our solutions must be unique also.

SLG 12

SLG 14

SLG 16



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