SLB 1A production line

The SLB 1A splitting line for concrete blocks is for customers, who are really demanding as far as production of their split blocks.

That is to say the SLB 1A line allows working online with a concrete plant operation nonstop 24/7. Split blocks are supplied to splitting tools in whole layers, as they are on pallets. A manipulation robot takes the whole layer of blocks and places it on a supply conveyor in front of the splitter. The line can be equipped by other devices that take care of specific production needs as needed. One split cycle takes about 10s.
A design of this splitter allows equipping it by main splitting tools with knife equalizing system and also by side knives for 4-sided splitting. The splitter hydraulic system is equipped by a hydraulic shock that significantly improves split quality.

Example of line arrangement:
this line were realised by customer on limited space
(thanks to already installed concrete plant)


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