SLB production line

The SLB production line to split concrete blocks is intended for companies that want to make split concrete products, like for instance split fence blocks. This line is a basic solution for this type of production. 
A heart of this line is the HSB 600x280 splitter that is supported by the DLJ 600x5000 loading conveyor and the DLJ 300x3000 unloading one. 

A pressed half-finished product is located onto a loading conveyor manually from a pallet, by a manipulation robot or by other manipulation means. The conveyor moves it to the splitter splitting area. According to the ordered version the conveyor move is controlled manually by a joystick or by automatic stepping. The splitting control is done similarly - either it is manual or it is done in an automatic cycle. Split products are removed from the splitter by a conveyor, from which they are taken by a worker and placed on a pallet.

The splitter is equipped by side knives for 4-side splitting and by a hydraulic shock that improves split plane quality.

We make our machines to have their functions maximally adjustable according to customer's needs. We are ready to implement this line into an already existing operation according to our customer's need.

A view of the basic SLB line arrangement:



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