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HSM 300x280

This splitter is intended for production of cut paving stones, mosaic stones and veneer from cut stone slabs.

In combination with the DLJ conveyor it provides more exact and more productive cut slab product splitting up to the width of 300 mm.

Thanks to a high quality aggregate that was especially constructed to split stone, this splitter has a unique performance characteristic. The optimum ratio of splitting force and speed gives this splitter an unmatched performance.

To maintain performance and achieve a long service life of hydraulic aggregate this splitter is equipped by an oil-air cooling unit and a heating element as a standard. Both of these devices are controlled by a thermostat.

A big advantage of this splitter in combination with the conveyor is that the conveyor descends together with the splitting table, and consequently the split stone and equipment are not damaged. This also improves quality of the split plane.

The splitter is possible to use for splitting of raw (irregular) stone too.

Splitter with DLJ 600x3000 conveyor



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