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In order to complete our splitter production lines we manufacture a wide range of conveyors. They allow us to situate our splitters to production lines according to specific conditions of our customers. Dimensions of these conveyors are variable and adapted to our client conditions.

If you are interested in a separate conveyor, please request a specific type and dimensions you are interested in, and we will inform you about supply possibilities.

Our offer consists of:

Steel link conveyors
  • Manufactured in various versions (one-belt, two-belt, ...)
  • Classified according to operational loads to three categories: light, heavy and extra heavy duty
  • Conveyors are used at the beginnings of production lines as loading ones, then, between individual splitters, as supply ones, and as unloading ones at line ends.
Roller conveyors
  • Manufactured with different types of rollers (steel, rubber or nylon)
  • According to the needs of a particular solution, the rollers are driven or trailing (in selected types only)
  • Mostly they are used to load cut slabs and to move them to a splitter.
Table conveyors
  • Used during processing of concrete products for exact positioning during splitting
Rubber conveyors for rock waste
  • Placed under steel link conveyors in order to remove rock waste occurring at production lines
Scraping conveyors for rock waste 
  • Used to remove rock waste from under production lines