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HSB 1300x280

This splitter for fully automatic splitting of concrete products has a universal design with the possibility of 2-sided of 4-sided splitting. The hydraulic system is equipped by a hydraulic shock. The set of straight splitting knives is exchangeable for a special set of shaping knives (special order - according to customer's products) that allow splitting to a necessary shape in the final product. The splitter is ready to split whole layers on pallets directly from a concrete plant.

The splitter is designed for online splitting with a concrete plant. All splitting solutions are possible - we are ready to design a special solution for your concrete plant.

A design of this splitter allows to equip it by main splitting tools with knife equalizing system (splitting of natural stone is possible if needed) and also by side knives for 4-sided splitting.

The HSB 1300x280 splitter in a production line can be seen at this page.

Examples of splitted products:
Examples of products use:



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