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In order to complete medium and large splitting lines we have other auxiliary equipment in our production program. There is a project designed for each line, in which some of these devices are included.

This equipment primarily includes:


This equipment makes manipulation with processed material easier and increases productivity of individual machines and whole production lines.

Push-out units

These devices allow moving of stones at transport route intersections – from one conveyor perpendicularly to another.


Tipping tubs

These pieces of equipment are intended for additional loading of stones to different locations of a production line. This permits to have stones in the tub in reserve, and the operator can place them on a line (onto a conveyor) as necessary.
The tipping tubs may also be used for bagging of smaller paving stones into big-bags.



For small splitters we have designed special containers to sort paving stones. These containers are designed for easy manipulation with a loader.


We manufacture two types of pedestals. Primarily pedestals to place large splitter hydraulic aggregates on. Other pedestals are made according to line projects – mostly they are pedestals for large block splitter operators.



In order to properly sort products and waste we equip the appropriate operator workplaces with slides. The slides are supplied either with grates, or without them. Equipping of work locations with slides is proposed in a production line project.


Exhausting equipment

According to a project size and customer requirements we are able to supply exhausting equipment to exhaust stone dust from an operator workplace. Complete exhausting equipment contains an exhausting unit (with regulation possibility) and appropriate distribution pipes and hoses.