Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy a Gestra splitter and not another one?

Our machines are evaluated by our customers as unrivalled, the best, the most powerful, the most economical, with the minimal break down rate, and with excellently secured service and fast availability of spare parts. Gestra splitters are designed to split hard rocks like granite, etc. By their performance and low defect rate they guarantee fast return on investment and long service life. If regularly maintained your Gestra machines will work in your company even longer than 10 years.

Why do you ask so many questions before you give me a quote for the machine?

We are interested in particular conditions, in which our machines will work for our customers. Each customer has different requirements - different materials, various product sizes, different production capacity and other expectations. We are concerned with preparation of the most suitable solution for our customer's conditions with the goal to achieve optimum productivity and fast return on investment. Offers for our customers are custom made to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction.

It would be too late for our customer to try solving work organization after he already bought a splitting equipment - after some time he could find out that he needed to buy a different equipment to satisfy his needs. We want to avoid this if possible.

Can I sell you my old Gestra splitter and buy a new one?

Yes. In these cases we evaluate wear of the machine and hydraulic aggregate. Based on this we will decide to what extent is the buy-out possible.

Do you offer used equipment for sale?

Exceptionally. Although our machines have been on the market for more than 20 years, they do not appear in sales of used equipment, as opposed to our competition ones.

What are the main advantages of Gestra splitters?

  • Massive construction
  • Long machine service life (the first machines now work for 20 years)
  • Lower electric energy consumption
  • Thanks to the high quality aggregate that was especially constructed to split stone, our splitters have unique performance characteristics. The optimum ratio of splitting force and speed gives our splitters an unmatched performance.
  • Higher quality of split goods
  • Fast and operative service
  • Immediate supply of spare parts

Do Gestra splitters meet safety standards?

Yes, the machines are made according to the appropriate EU standards. We perform risk analyses for all our machines, and our machine designs are submitted to strength analyses. Individual machines come with the EC Declaration of Conformity that means that these machines were manufactured in agreement with the appropriate EU standards and regulations.

We have tough climatic conditions in our company (higher/lower work temperatures). Does it affect splitter function?

Climatic conditions can significantly affect not only operation of a machine (performance), but also its service life. We keep this in mind and equip our splitters by oil cooling units and heating elements. These additional devices that are controlled by thermostats provide the optimum machine working temperature and extend service lives of hydraulic elements and a hydraulic aggregate – and thus service life of the whole machine. Our machine work without problems in Brazil or Norway for example. So to summarize, our splitter functioning is not fundamentally influenced by extreme climatic conditions.

How is the machine installation done?

Our smaller machines are designed to be installed by customers themselves, so installation by our Company is not needed. Our larger machines and production lines, however, require installation. This installation is provided by our Company (or by our business representatives).

Do you offer personnel instruction?

Yes. This instruction is done by our Company (or business representative) during machine commissioning. In case of large distances we allow instruction and training at our premises (including possible on the job training directly at splitting stone operation). We issue Instruction Certificates to workers that went through our training.

What about the service?
How long does it take before you start working on a defect?

We try to resolve simple defects (that depend on machine settings) on the phone with our customers. In case of necessary repair we will consult a suitable date for the repair with our customer (with regard to the extent of repair). Our service technicians are able to travel within 24 hours to perform repairs.

How long does it take to deliver spare parts?

Usually we have spare parts in our warehouse. Usually we send them out using a collection service. In emergencies spare parts are sent through express delivery services (DHL, PPL, FedEx, etc.).

We guarantee availability of spare parts for 20 years since the machine was purchased.

Do you perform splitter overhauls?

Yes. If you see that your old Gestra splitter needs to renew its power, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss it with you.

Can I see your splitters in operation before I decide to buy them?

Yes. We offer to our clients arrangements of the excursions at selected places for the purpuse of familiarizing with our machines and see their real quality and performance. Contact us for arranging of such excursion.

If you have questions that are not shown here, do not hesitate to ask us.