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The Gestra CZ Company makes high quality machines and production lines for stone and concrete splitting. Thanks to long-term mutual cooperation with quarries and continual innovation the GESTRA brand has become a world leader in manufacturing and supply of splitting machines from the smallest to the largest ones that split stone blocks. Especially their use as far as quality, service life and output on the hardest materials, such as granites, gabbros, diorites and basalts is unmatched in the world. Thanks to thorough analysis of design and equipping of our machines by a special hydraulic system, these machines achieve the top among our competitors. We supply this technology, including auxiliary Gestra type manipulation and transport devices, for more than 20 years, as the only manufacturer in the world.

We produce a wide range of machines to split various stone sizes with various splitting strength. The splitting strength from 16 to 1200 tons allows processing of all splittable rocks, and producing of split products from the 4/6 mosaic, paving stones, and construction stone to stone blocks with dimensions 800x1600 mm even from the hardest to split materials. Our other products include splitters for cut stone slabs and concrete product splitters operated both manually and automatically. Our machines can split all splittable rocks, and thanks to their design also very hard rocks, such as granite, gabbro, basalt, andesite, diorite, porphyry and quartzite.

While consulting with our customers, we create projects of production lines in different combinations with conveyors and other equipment. For example production lines that are equipped with very sophisticated manipulators save time, increase productivity and make work easier for workers.

Almost all our machines can be modified according to customers' wishes in order to achieve maximum output and production efficiency. Therefore it is necessary for our customers not to be afraid to ask detailed questions not only about our splitters, but also about production and work management. Ask our clients. You will not be disappointed. To our clients we also offer tours to locations, where our machines operate, in order for them to get to know our machines, obtain more information about their operation, organization of work and other information. We are primarily concerned with your satisfaction with our machines.

GESTRA splitters are in demand due to their quality and long service life, and also due to quality and quick service. Also, thanks to our experience with various quarries, we offer professional consultations concerning splitting and organization of splitting operation to our customers.

Our history in numbers

> 1992
The Gestra, s.r.o. Company was founded. Shortly after it cooperation with the German company Porsfeld was started. After the Porsfeld company demise we started making our own splitters, and started developing other machines and accessories for the stone splitting field.

> 1993
The biggest stone splitter in the world was produced – HSM 2000x1000/800t

> 1995
The first large splitting production line was produced. Expansion beyond Europe.

> 1999
Intensive development of lines and equipment to split concrete elements and further continuously process them. 

> 2005
Expansion of production to another production area.

> 2007
Company reorganization – establishment of Gestra CZ s.r.o. Intensive expansion of splitting line development and new projects.

> 2008
Expansion of our supply to the world. Enlargement of our product range in our production program.